Wedding Photo Reservations

Wedding Photo

Make a Reservation for Wedding Photos

All bookings must be in writing, fax or email from the couple.

Bookings will not be accepted from photographers, friends, parents, etc.

Address Letter/Fax/Email to:

Manitoba Legislative Security
1 - 450 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8
Phone: (204) 945-8750
Fax: (204) 948-2963

The Letter Must Contain the Following Information:

  • Name of the couple
  • Address/Postal Code of the couple (receive confirmation letter from Head Office)
  • The year and the date and time required
  • Total number of people who will attend for photos
  • Telephone number where someone may be reached during the day from 8:30 to 4:30
  • Photographer's name if possible

Please Note:

  • 30 minutes are allowed per party on the Grand Staircase
  • No reservations are required for photographs outside the building
  • The grounds in front of Government House are out-of-bounds for the driveway to Assiniboine Avenue
  • No wedding ceremonies are permitted in the building or on the grounds