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2016 Census: Results

Selected direct links to Statistics Canada's 2016 Census information.

  • 2016 Census Program overview.
    Statistics Canada's site overview, including links to reference products such as the Census dictionary.
  • 2016 Population and Dwelling count amendments
    After the release of the 2016 Census population and dwelling counts, errors are occasionally uncovered in the data.  This web page from Statistics Canada provides the original and revised population and dwelling counts.
  • GeoSuite 2016
    This web-version of Statistics Canada's GeoSuite 2016 is a search tool presenting tabular population and dwelling counts for various standard levels of geography. A map displaying the current and previous geographic boundaries is also provided.
  • 2016 Census Profiles.
    Statistics Canada's 2016 Census Profiles, providing Census data for various levels of geography.
  • 2016 Focus on Geography Series.
    Statistics Canada's 2016 Focus on Geography series, providing highlights in text, tables and figures.
  • 2016 Census Datasets.
    Statistics Canada's data portal providing access to datasets from the 2016 Census, as well as selected tables from previous Censuses, including the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS).

Topic Overviews

2016 Census of Agriculture