Feature Report:  Impacts of Demographic Change on Manitoba, 2015

January 18, 2016

Manitoba’s demographics are unique in Canada and are changing.  In order to face the challenges these changes will bring, we must understand what the province’s demographic make-up will look like in the decades to come. 


This document focuses on these demographic changes and their possible impact on Manitoba's future Population, Labour market and various Social indicators.

Our featured report is available in PDF, and is accessible by clicking the following link:

Impacts of Demographic Change on Manitoba


 Topical reports

To complement our feature report, MBS has provided a series of topical reports.  These documents provide additional information pertaining to the projected impacts of population change and how they may affect Manitoba's future.


Population and Demographic projections


Manitoba Population And Demographic Projections, 2013 To 2038, Overview

Statistics Canada's First Nations And Métis Population Projections, Manitoba Highlights


Manitoba Labour Market Projections


Labour Market In Manitoba, 2014 to 2029

Labour Force In Manitoba, Generations

Probe Research, Manitoba Business Leaders 2015, Demographic Change & Adapting Business Policy


Social Indicators


Probe Research, Manitoba September 2015 Omnibus, Age and Growing Older

Charitable Donations in Manitoba, 2014 to 2036

Volunteerism in Manitoba, 2014 to 2036

Health Care Spending in Manitoba, 2012 to 2037

Disability In Manitoba, 2012 to 2036

Incidence and Health Care Cost of Dementia In Manitoba, 2012 to 2048

Manitoba Schools, Historic and Future Enrolment, 2014 to 2024

Crime in Manitoba, 2014 to 2036

Traffic & Transportation Issues, 2012 to 2045


Economic Projections


Long-Term Fiscal & Economic Projections, 2014 to 2038