Reports by subject: Population and Demography

Latest released reports

Estimates (pdf) Sub-section Release date
Bulletin: Demographic Estimates (quarterly) Quarterly bulletin June 18, 2020
Demographic Estimates (quarterly) Quarterly report June 18, 2020
Demographic Estimates (annual) Annual report September 30, 2019
Bulletin: Demographic Estimates by Age and Sex(annual) Age and sex bulletin October 4, 2019
Bulletin: Regional Demographic Estimates (annual) Regional bulletin February 18, 2020
Regional Demographic Estimates (annual) Regional report May 1, 2020

Projections (pdf) Sub-section Release date
2013 to 2038: Overview Manitoba population and demographic projections October 2015

Census-related reports (Latest version) Sub-section Release date
2018 Electoral Boundaries - 2016 Census Programs Provincial Electoral Division Profiles April 29, 2019