Nominations are now closed.

The Manitoba government, in partnership with Council of the Federation (COF), is presenting the COF Award for Innovation in Mental Health and Addictions Care, a one-time award to acknowledge achievement and innovation in the field of mental health and addictions care.

This one-time award is valued at $5,000 and will recognize and support an individual or organization that is excelling in the field of mental health and addictions care. The objective is to highlight innovation in non-governmental, private and academic sectors.

When you think of excellence, innovation, dedication and commitment to the field, which organization stands out to you as deserving of recognition? Nominate them today!

A selection committee will review all nominations and select a recipient.

Recipients will be announced at the COF summer meeting in July 2022, with individual presentations to follow in fall 2022.

Award Criteria

  • The anticipated or actual level of innovation related to the initiative, project, study or program 
  • The anticipated or actual success of the initiative, project, study or program in reaching its stated goals/objectives 
  • An assessment of the initiative, project, study or program's perceived or actual overall benefit to PT residents (e.g., larger number of people being supported/reached, better outcomes, improved effectiveness, cost-savings or efficiencies achieved, etc.)

Nominees are encouraged to submit a nomination package by May 15, 2022. Nominations will close on that day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for the award?

The award provides recognition and support for non-governmental, community, private sector, academic, and Indigenous-led initiatives. The award program is not meant to recognize or reward programs or services that are wholly funded and run by the Government of Manitoba.

2. What is the process for submitting nominations?

Individuals and organizations may self-nominate or provide a nomination on behalf of others. Nomination packages must by submitted online by May 15, 2022.

3. What is the evaluation process?

A selection committee will evaluate the nominations and select a winner. Nominations will be evaluated based on the level of innovation of the initiative, and the anticipated success and benefit of the initiative to Manitobans.

4. What is the value of the award?

Each award is valued at $5,000. The recipients will also receive a recognition certificate.

5. When will award winners be announced?

The award winners will be announced at the COF summer meeting in July 2022. Each province and territory will be undertaking its own nomination process and selecting one award winner from their jurisdiction.

6. What is the Council of the Federation?

The Council of the Federation comprises all 13 provincial and territorial Premiers. It enables Premiers to work collaboratively, form closer ties, foster constructive relationships among governments, and show leadership on important issues that matter to Canadians.

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