The Carrier Profile System

The Manitoba Government monitors the on-road safety performance of carriers using the Carrier Profile System (CPS). Each carrier that holds a Safety Fitness Certificate has a carrier profile.

In Manitoba, the CPS is overseen by the Motor Carrier Division (MCD) of Manitoba Infrastructure. They are authorized to do this under section 322.1 of the Manitoba Highway Traffic Act and section 8 of the federal Motor Vehicle Transport Act.

The Carrier Profile System itself is described in the National Safety Code Standard 7. Each carrier is assigned a National Safety Code number (NSC number) that is printed on the registrations of all vehicles, including trailers, belonging to that carrier.

The Carrier Profile System uses carriers' NSC numbers to track all convictions, on-road inspections and reportable accidents incurred by drivers of the vehicles belonging to that carrier.

From the CPS database, individual carrier profiles are generated based on the carrier's NSC number. The Carrier Profile Report summarizes all incidents relating to that carrier, and covers the most recent 24-month period.

Your Carrier Profile Report gives you an opportunity to verify that all incidents listed under your NSC number are accurate. It is also an excellent management tool that gives you a comprehensive picture of the on-road performance of your drivers and vehicles.

The Carrier Profile Report is made up of six sections:

You will need to call 204-945-5897 to receive your password. Once you have it, you can login to the Carrier Profile System. Please read and accept the terms before proceeding.