Performance Thresholds

Performance Thresholds are best understood as levels at which actions are taken by the Manitoba Government based on a carrier’s recent safety history.  They are determined by comparing convictions, inspections and at-fault accidents against other carriers with similar fleet sizes. 

When any of the four thresholds (Convictions, Inspections, Accidents, and Overall) reach 85% or more, the motor carrier becomes a potential candidate for an investigation, or Facility Audit.   A Facility Audit is an examination of the carrier’s safety records, including driver qualification, hours of service, vehicle maintenance, and transportation of dangerous goods.

Commercial Vehicle Safety & Permits Ratings
Manitoba assigns a Safety Rating to all carriers operating commercial vehicles.  This rating is shown on the General Information page of the Carrier Profile.  There are four ratings:

  • Satisfactory Unaudited : Assigned to all new carriers. A carrier may remain in this category indefinitely.
  • Satisfactory:  Assigned when a carrier passes a Facility Audit, and all four performance thresholds are less than 85% at the time the audit is completed.
  • Conditional: Assigned when a carrier fails a Facility Audit or any of the four performance thresholds are 85% or more at the time the audit is completed.
  • Unsatisfactory:  Assigned when a carrier's performance has deteriorated to such a degree that the carrier is deemed an unacceptable safety risk. A carrier rated as unsatisfactory in Manitoba will no longer be able to register commercial motor vehicles in Manitoba.