Ice Jam Mitigation Program - Amphibex

Water Management, Planning and Standards

  • Administer designated flood areas - establish flood protection levels by issuing a two-stage permit. The permitting process ensures flood protection compliance within the Red River Valley and Lower Red River Valley designated flood areas.
  • Establish flood protection levels for land developments and flood mitigation projects.
  • Assume corporate administration of the Water Resources Administration Act - issuing permits, authorizations, abandonments and declarations related to provincial waterway drains, dams, reservoirs and dikes. In addition, issuing authorizations related to designated reservoir areas.
  • Chair the multi-part Shoreline Erosion Technical Committee and provide geotechnical and engineering advice to local governments for proposed projects that are forwarded to the committee.
  • Provide general geotechnical advice to local governments, and to citizens, regarding shoreline and riverbank stability problems and options for addressing those problems.
  • Conduct ice-jam mitigation program - jointly carry out technical and financial management of the province’s Amphibex ice breakers and ice cutters.
  • Carry out and manage miscellaneous surface water management conceptual, feasibility and planning studies regarding flooding problems, flood mitigation options and various water management problems
  • Help the Hydrologic Forecasting Branch with flood response and communications activities.
  • Shellmouth Dam Compensation Regulation - conduct technical and GIS (Geospatial Information System) activities supporting compensation programs.
  • Assume divisional GIS leadership - activities include mapping, maintaining geospatial data and map inventories as well as providing the division with GIS technologies support.
  • Develop emergency prepared plans for dam safety programs for provincially-owned dams
  • Conduct conceptual and preliminary studies assessing functioning of provincial water control works and identifying improvement options.
  • Individual Flood Protection Initiatives programs - carry out all management and administration of the programs, including:
    • approving program-eligible applications
    • setting technical and flood protection standards for projects
    • monitoring projects regarding the established standards
    • approving provision of grant funding according to program financial guidelines