AT Success Stories in Manitoba


We are looking for local AT Success Stories. These may be municipal (AT planning, design or implementation) or community-based projects (i.e. community bike shops and AT events hosted in your community). Use the Success Stories Reporting Template to tell us about your success stories and send the information to the AT co-ordinator.

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Transportation Demand Management

The CBTM pilot project used an individualized marketing approach to help households drive less (ex: switching to transit, walking, cycling, carpooling) to reduce personal transportation emissions. Another goal was to see if this was a good way to change people’s travel behaviour at the local level. The project was also designed to develop local expertise about this important subject. Funding for the CBTM pilot project was provided by Transport Canada and the Province of Manitoba (Climate Change Branch), in partnership with the City of Winnipeg as one of 11 WinSmart Initiatives under the federal Urban Transportation Showcase Program. The Green Action Centre was hired to co-ordinate the project because of its experience in delivering sustainable transportation programs. CBTM pilot project was completed in 2009.