Municipal Relations

Manitoba's Action Plan on AT

As part of TomorrowNOW - Manitoba's Green Plan, the Province is moving forward with a three-year, four point Action Plan to support active transportation (AT), focusing on improved provincial coordination in the following areas:
  1. Single Window Coordinated Service
    • launching a single window online portal by fall of 2012
    • designating a single lead provincial minister
    • appointing a provincial AT co-ordinator/community liaison, reporting to a director responsible for AT
  2. Strategic Investments in AT
    • delivering new funding and tools to rural and northern municipalities to help them integrate broader land-use planning with AT planning, design and implementation
    • creating an inventory of existing infrastructure
    • developing the Borders to Beaches section of the Trans-Canada Trail
    • developing an AT overpass at North East Pioneers Greenway and Perimeter Highway
    • ensuring the Capital Region Master Transportation Plan considers AT
    • working with Manitoba Public Insurance to continue raising awareness of safety issues affecting vulnerable road users (cyclists, pedestrians, children and/or seniors)
  3. Improved AT policy
    • developing and adopting a provincial AT policy
    • launching a Public Stakeholder Advisory Committee
  4. Expanded Access to AT resources
    • developing design guidelines for Manitoba municipalities
    • working with municipalities and stakeholders to promote existing AT infrastructure
We look forward to continuing to work with our municipal partners, volunteers and community organizations to achieve mutual goals in promoting and supporting AT.
The AT action plan is based partly on recommendations made in Greater Strides: Taking Action on Active Transportation report.