AT Resources and Tools

For Schools

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Walking and cycling to school has many benefits, including:
Following are some government programs, projects and funding sources to promote AT in schools:

Administrator Resources

Funding and Recognition Opportunities
  • Manitoba Education/Manitoba Hydro ESD Grants provides grants of up to $2,000 to support schools in their sustainability efforts. Individual schools, that wish to encourage active school travel, can apply for the grant to secure bicycle racks and storage facilities for other alternative transportation methods.
  • The Eco-Globe Schools is an annual recognition program developed to recognize Manitoba schools that are involved in a variety of activities to promote Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). This includes AT such as transit use, cycling and walking programs.


Classroom Resources

  • Healthy Schools is Manitoba's initiative to promote the physical, emotional and social health of school communities.
  • Healthy Schools in motion has tools to support schools in becoming a Healthy School in motion. An in motion school agrees to work toward the goal of providing 30 minutes of daily physical activity for each student. This is achieved through any combination of physical education, physical activity breaks, physical activity programs, intramural activities and special events.
  • Manitoba Public Insurance K-10 Road Safety material was developed together with Manitoba Education. It provides age-appropriate road safety information which can be used with approved curriculum. The goal is to provide school-aged children with road safety information to keep them safer on and around roads.
  • Driver Education Training, provided by Manitoba Public Insurance, is offered through schools to insure new drivers get quality training and safe driving information.
  • Visit the Bike Safe Program from Manitoba Public Insurance to access resources such as:
    • Youth "I Cycle Safely" Brochure provides cycling safety information for beginner cyclists.
    • Bike Safety Presentations are free and available to businesses, schools and community groups. There are two presentations – one for children under Grade 5 and the other for older youth and adults. Presentations, available in English and French, have been sent to all Manitoba schools.
    • Bike Rodeo Kits Loan Program makes training kits available to community groups or schools to provide hands-on cycling training to children under Grade 5. This program can be used by itself or along with the "I Cycle Safely" presentation. Contact Manitoba Public Insurance Road Safety at 204-985-7213 to borrow a kit.

          Road Safety Programming
          Manitoba Public Insurance
          Phone: 204-985-8737
          Toll Free: 1-888-767-7640 
          Fax: 204-954-5317
  • Clean Air Day is an annual event held on the second Wednesday in June, during Environment Week. This event encourages children to celebrate walking and cycling as means to reduce environmental impacts like air pollution.
  • International Walk to School Month or ("IWALK") gives schools a chance to promote walking to school for a day, week, or the entire month of October. Classroom resources are available, as well as the chance to win prizes upon registration and participation.
  • Bike to School Month is an annual event held during the month of May to promote cycling to school and cycling safety. Classroom resources are available, as well as the chance to win prizes upon registration and participation.

Before and After School Programs
  • The WRENCH has a list of before- and after- school programs related to bicycle care.