Getting Started with AT

There are many ways to engage in AT, including active commuting, active workplace travel, active destination-oriented trips and active recreation. It can include walking to the bus stop, a meeting or a soccer game or cycling to school or work. AT modes may make use of on-road or off-road infrastructure or a combination.
This section contains information and tools to support and encourage all Manitobans to safely engage in AT:
  • Want to engage in AT but don’t know how to get started? Green Action Centre has tips for getting started with walking and cycling
  • Manitoba Public Insurance has a guide to using cycling infrastructure in the City of Winnipeg
  • Manitoba in motion is a provincial strategy to help all Manitobans of all ages make physical activity part of their daily lives for health and enjoyment
  • Manitoba Healthy, Healthy Living and Seniors has important information about bike safety for all, including videos and brochures.