AT Resources and Tools

For Employers and Workplaces

Workplaces that encourage and support their employees to ride the walk, cycle, bus or carpool to work can save money while also achieving corporate or organizational goals, such as:
  • reducing on-site parking costs, demands and/or freeing up parking for customers
  • increasing employee productivity
  • reducing absenteeism
  • improving job satisfaction and morale
  • helping meet sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals, including environmental management systems and standards, such as ISO 14001
  • catering to customers who prefer to walk or cycle. Accommodating this clientele can help your business:
    • increase site density without adding parking
    • further reduce parking demand and costs
    • inspire loyalty among customers who walk or cycle
    • create a strategic marketing advantage
Getting started
Want to get started? Green Action Centre outlines seven steps for making your workplace commuter-friendly.

  • Transport Canada - Workplace Travel Plans: Guidance for Canadian Employers is a guide to help employers and employees find more efficient, sustainable ways to commute to work by creating a workplace travel plan. This guide contains an inventory of travel modes (ex: cycling, walking, carpooling) and ways to support them (ex: compressed work week, telecommuting, etc).

Programs and Agencies to support AT in the workplace
  • Manitoba Public Insurance - Cycling Champions Program is recruiting 'cycling champions' to teach Manitobans about cycling safety. You can be a cycling champion by giving a safety presentation in your school, workplace or community.
  • Green Action Centre – Workplace Commuter Options Program works with companies and employees on sustainable transportation options. Employer-based commuter option programs are actions taken by employers to encourage AT options, such as walking, cycling, riding transit, carpooling and telecommuting.