Designated Neighbourhoods Alive! Communities

What are the designated Neighbourhoods Alive! communities in Manitoba?

Designated communities generally have common issues, including high rates of poverty, unemployment and crime, and often, a lack of family support, recreation, affordable housing and economic opportunities. Each community has its own focus, vision and history.  As a result, the communities look at different strategies to deal with their specific social, economic and environmental concerns.
Although these communities face challenges they have strengths and capacity which can be built on.  These communities have dedicated residents, volunteers, community organizations and collective knowledge and experience.  Experience in these communities demonstrate that when people come together to identify common issues and brainstorm solutions and are provided resources/support the communities become healthier, stronger and more resilient.
Designated communities:
Designated neighbourhoods in Winnipeg include:
The Province of Manitoba recognizes there is demand for this type of support beyond the neighbourhoods that have been designated. However, by targeting Neighbourhoods Alive! resources to a limited number of high needs neighbourhoods, the Province hopes to profoundly influence the lives of those most in need.

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