Neighbourhood Development Assistance

What is this program about? 

 Neighbourhood Development Assistance (NDA) provides funding to support the formation and operation of Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations (NRCs), to enable them to plan and coordinate neighbourhood renewal efforts through community economic development. 

Where is this funding available?











What is Available on this Page?

Where is this funding available?

Who currently receives funding?

How do you contact Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations?

How do you contact Neighbourhoods Alive!?


 Neighbourhood Development Assistance is available only in communities designated by Neighbourhoods Alive!.

Who currently receives funding? 


This program funds the development and ongoing operation of Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations (NRCs), where the NRC:
  • Operates in and represents neighbourhood(s) designated under Neighbourhoods Alive!
  • Operates in territory that does not overlap the territory of another NRC.
  • Is administered locally and is accountable to the neighbourhood.
  • Is democratic and representative of neighbourhood diversity.
  • Is incorporated or in the process of becoming a non-share capital corporation.

Currently, Neighbourhood Development Assistance supports:

Contacting Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations (NRCs)


Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation
410 - 9th Street (Main Floor)
Brandon, Manitoba R7A 6A2
Phone: (204) 729-2496, Fax: (204) 729-0101

Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation
c/o 180 Poplar Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2L 2C3 
Phone: (204) 669-0750  
Daniel McIntyre/St Matthews Community Association
823 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 0C3
Phone: (204) 774-7005
Dauphin Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation
100 Main Street S
Dauphin, Manitoba R7N 1K3
Phone: (204) 622-3171, Fax: (204) 622-3290

Flin Flon Neighbourhood Revitalization Corporation
201 – 35 Main Street
Flin Flon, Manitoba R8A 1J7
Phone: (204) 687-6972, Fax: (204) 687-4456

North End Community Renewal Corporation
509 Selkirk Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 2M6
Phone: (204) 927-2333, Fax: (204) 582-2801

The Pas Community Renewal Corporation
Box 2999
The Pas, Manitoba R9A 1R7
Phone: (204) 623-4269, Fax: (204) 623-4050

Portage la Prairie Community Revitalization Corporation
Unit B-56 Royal Road North
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba R1N 0V1
Phone: (204) 240-6471

Selkirk Community Renewal Corporation
(City of Selkirk Community Services Office)
630 Sophia Street
Selkirk, Manitoba R1A 2K1
Phone: (204) 482-7005, Fax: (204) 785-8124
Spence Neighbourhood Association
615 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 0A4
Phone: (204) 783-5000, Fax: (204) 775-1802

Thompson Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation
101 - 55 Selkirk Avenue
Thompson, Manitoba R8N 0M5
Phone: (204) 677-0760, Fax: (204) 677-0765

West Broadway Development Corporation
608 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0W8
Phone: (204) 774-7201, Fax: (204) 779-2203
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