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Recreation plays a vital role in our wellbeing and brings people together to create stronger communities. A healthy recreation delivery system provides leisure opportunities for the entire community.  The Recreation and Regional Services Branch strives to improve the quality and level of recreation services in Manitoba by providing support and information to assist the organizations and individuals that deliver recreation opportunities in our province.


Recreation and Regional Services has an ongoing commitment to working collaboratively with local governments, provincial and regional recreation organizations, community recreation groups and related professionals to develop and support quality recreation opportunities for all Manitobans.
Consultants are available to assist organizations
  • operate more effectively
  • meet community needs
  • plan for the future


Consultants can assist with
  • providing planning tools such as needs assessments, environmental scans and development of mission and vision statements
  • improving communication among organizations in communities, across regions and throughout the province
  • co-ordinating meetings and training opportunities for
    • facility operations
    • recreation programs
    • recreation management
    • board development
  • providing volunteers and recreation leaders with information about funding opportunities and grants
Services are provided free of charge.
Contact the Recreation and Regional Services office nearest you.


A key role of the Recreation and Regional Services Branch is to contribute to the healthy lifestyle of Manitobans by strengthening the recreation delivery system.  We do this by providing leadership, information, education and support to the people working and volunteering with the organizations that provide recreation opportunities in Manitoba communities.
Recreation and Regional Services partners with other provincial departments and non-government organizations to offer learning opportunities for recreation professionals and community leaders.  Whatever your interests there are training opportunities available to assist you meet your goals.

Arena/Curling Rink and Aquatic Facility Operator Courses

To ensure that the public can enjoy participating in recreation activities and to protect the community’s investment in recreation facilities, skilled and knowledgeable facility operators are required. This is especially true when the facilities have many complex mechanical systems, such as those found in arenas, curling rinks and swimming pools.
In order to help facility operators become qualified, the department, in conjunction with Recreation Connections Manitoba, delivers certificate courses for the operators of arenas, curling rinks and swimming pools on an annual basis.

Update on Refrigeration Courses

For further information on the courses, including fees, location and pre-requisite qualifications please contact:
Recreation Connections Manitoba
Phone: (204) 925-5748 or
Recreation and Regional Services Branch
Phone: (204) 945-3766

Education Opportunities

Other training opportunities are available by contacting:

Volunteer Manitoba

Volunteer Manitoba supports groups and individuals in the voluntary sector to develop and enhance their capacity to anticipate, understand, celebrate, and meet community needs in Manitoba.

Sport Manitoba

Sport Manitoba is the lead planning, programming and funding agency for the development of amateur sport in Manitoba. The primary focus of Sport Manitoba is on the development of athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.

Coaching Manitoba

Responsible for the training, education and development of coaches in the province, Coaching Manitoba is Sport Manitoba’s one stop resource for all coaches in Manitoba.

Recreation Connections Manitoba

Recreation Connections Manitoba, Inc. exists to collectively share the passion and spirit of recreation and is dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of all Manitobans through the development and support of recreation professionals, practitioners and volunteers.

Manitoba Fitness Council

The Manitoba Fitness Council Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting quality in fitness leadership in order to provide Manitobans with safe, effective and enjoyable physical activity programs.

Volunteer and Board Development

Manitoba’s recreation delivery system is enriched and delivered through the countless hours of service and support provided by volunteers.  Volunteer boards, committees and administrators are committed to ensuring there is a quality environment where people can participate in recreation activity.
Recreation and Regional consultants work with community groups to improve their governance and management practices by providing planning tools and coordinating training opportunities. 
Contact the Recreation and Regional Services office nearest you for more information.

Recreation and Leisure Management Courses

There are a number of educational institutions that offer training to help you achieve your career goals.  Whether you wish to become a recreation director, therapeutic recreation specialist or a program supervisor there is a training program to meet your needs. Recreation and Regional Services staff members work with educational institutions to ensure that course content reflects the industry’s needs so that graduates receive the training they need to secure employment in the recreation sector.
For more information and/or to find the program that’s right for you contact:
For more information on Manitoba's universities, colleges, private vocational institutions, distance education, and other public education and training providers please visit the Education and Training - Advanced Learning Division.

Recreation as a Career

Recreation, sport, and tourism are all forms of leisure. They represent the things we do when we can do whatever we want. As such, they are powerful determinants of the quality of life we enjoy as individuals and in communities.
The recreation delivery system offers opportunities to pursue a career in a variety of workplaces.  In Manitoba recreation professionals work in the following areas:
  • Sport & Active Living
    Community centres;  ice arenas; aquatic centres; regional and provincial sport associations; health promotion organizations; campus recreation in post secondary institutions; fitness and health centres; golf courses; curling clubs.
  • Government Agencies
    Federal, provincial, regional and municipal agencies in areas such as tourism; recreation; health; natural resources; economic/community development; correctional services and social services.
  • Not for Profit
    YMCAs; Friendship Centres, Boys' and Girls' Clubs; children's camps; senior centres;  group homes; agencies meeting the needs of immigrants and families living in poverty; social service organizations
  • Therapeutic & Inclusive Community Recreation
    Nursing homes; hospitals; day programs;  programs/services for individuals with disabilities; social service organizations.
  • Outdoor Recreation
    Provincial, national, city parks; nature centres; residential camps; nature-based tourism, athletic fields, golf courses, ski hills
  • Arts, Culture & Heritage
    Museums; art galleries; theatres; cultural centres; historic sites; festivals & cultural/special events
  • Travel & Tourism Organizations
    Visitor centres; accommodations; resorts; tourism facilities; event and conference planning.

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