Recreation and Regional Services 

Recreation and Regional Services Branch supports and strengthens the recreation delivery system at the local, regional and provincial level to improve individual and community well-being through a decentralized service network.

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About the Branch    

group.jpgRecreation and Regional Services Branch offers advice, assistance and information about recreation funding, programs, planning and how to better meet the recreation needs of Manitoba communities. 

With  a provincial office in Winnipeg and seven regional offices across the province,  the branch supports the recreation delivery system at all levels - building and maintaining effective collaborations amongst partners.  We connect our services with organizations, groups and individuals who provide recreation to their communities. 

Manitoba’s  recreation delivery system is a diverse, and volunteer driven community, consisting of not for profit organizations, recreation professionals and volunteers,  local and provincial governments and the private sector.  By working together we can help Manitobans make the most of their leisure time.

Manitoba’s Policy for Recreation Opportunities (PDF 838 KB) reflects the shared values expressed by stakeholders, including the importance of recreation and recreation leadership, sustainable investment and accessibility for all. It was developed to strengthen and promote the recognition of the value of recreation throughout Manitoba.  It sets out basic principles to guide the actions of the provincial government as we work with Manitoban to provide recreation opportunities to enrich the lives of individuals and enhance the strength of our communities.

The Branch is also Manitoba’s recreation representation on the Sport Physical Activity and Recreation Committee (SPARC).  SPARC is the mechanism for Federal-Provincial/Territorial collaboration in sport, physical activity and recreation.

Current priorities for SPARC include:

    • Implementation and coordination of the Framework for Recreation in Canada
    • Implementation and coordination of the Canadian Sport Policy
    • Alignment of the Framework for Recreation in Canada and the Canadian Sport Policy
    • Development and implementation of a pan-Canadian Physical Activity Framework


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