Manitoba Municipal Relations
What is the Community Support Small Grant Program?
The Community Support Small Grant Program supports Manitoba’s non-profit and community-led organizations in their efforts to provide avenues for Manitobans to support and sustain thriving communities. Funding will focus on community projects and initiatives that meet government priorities and create measurable outcomes.
What are the objectives of the Community Support Small Grant Program?
·      Build capacity within community organizations
·      Support community driven goals that have a public benefit
·      Prioritize innovative projects
·      Increase the reach or effectiveness of successful projects
Who is eligible to apply?
Non-profit and community-led organizations
Who is NOT eligible to apply?
·        Organizations that have been existence for less that 1 year
·        For-profit organizations
·        Individuals
·        Schools
·        Hospitals
·        Local governments
·        Organizations that have not met the reporting requirements for previously approved projects
What funding is available?
·        One-time funding of up to a maximum of $20,000  
·        Applicants must provide a minimum of 10% matching cash funding
·        Only one application per organization per year will be considered
What are eligible project costs?
What are ineligible project costs?
·        Project labour and materials
·        Project supplies
·        Operational cost for equipment
·        Equipment and /or machinery lease costs
·        Promotional materials
·        Training
·        Rental / lease of project
    facilities for approved project
·        Equipment
·        Furniture / Appliances/Technology
·        Ongoing core operation costs
·        Vehicles
·        Music festivals
·        Competitions and tournaments
·        Centennials and homecomings
·        Travel costs
·        Projects that do not have public benefit
How do organizations apply?
·        Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis with notification made quarterly.
Please mail, email or fax completed application and supporting information to:
Municipal Relations
Community Support Small Grant Program
6th floor – 800 Portage Ave
Winnipeg MB  R3G 0N4
Phone (204) 945-3766           Fax (204) 948-4042 
How will applications be assessed?
Applications will be assessed based on the submitted information:
·        Must demonstrate need
·        Must demonstrate public use and community benefit
·        Must avoid duplication of services and funding
·        Must demonstrate community support (partnerships, letters of support, etc)
·        For projects seeking over $10,000 in funding, a letter of support from the local municipality (Council /Ward Councillor) must be provided with the application
·        Demonstrates programming / operational efficiencies
·        Identifies measurable outcomes
How will funding be distributed?
·        An initial payment of up to 60% of grant will be forwarded upon receipt of signed agreement
·        A final payment of 40% of the grant will be made on submission of a final report
·        Grants of under $3,000 will receive full payment upon approval
·        Projects must be completed by March 31, 2019
·        A final report must be submitted within 60 days after completion of the project
o   The final report will include:
§  Project financial statement;
§  Details of activities completed; and
§  Outcomes obtained as related to program objectives and priorities.
The recipient is required to acknowledge the Province of Manitoba’s contribution
to the project in communications and promotions.
Note:  A non-profit organization is defined as one whose activities are carried on with no financial gain to any of its members. Incorporated organizations must provide proof that it is good standing with Manitoba Company’s Office. Non-incorporated organizations must provide evidence that the organization is active and in good standing to be eligible. This could be satisfied by providing copies of organization information such as financial statements, meeting minutes, constitution and by-laws, membership and executive structure
Manitoba Municipal Relations
Community Support Small Grant Program
Contact your regional office to discuss your project and application
Central Region
225 Wardrop St.
Morden MB  R6M 1N4
Ph:   204-822-5418
Fax: 204-822-2915
Toll Free:  1-866-346-5219
Interlake Region
Box 1519, 62 2nd Ave.
Gimli MB  R0C 1B0
Ph:  204-642-6006
Fax: 204-642-6080
Toll Free:  1-866-259-5748
Eastman Region
Box 50, 20 1st St. S.
Beausejour MB  R0E 0C0
Ph:  204-268-6021
Fax: 204-268-6070
Toll Free:  1-800-665-6107
Parkland Region
Box 14, 27 2nd Ave. S.W.
Dauphin MB  R7N 3E5
Ph:  204-622-2022
Fax: 204-622-2298
Norman Region
Box 2550, 3rd St. & Ross Ave.
The Pas MB  R9A 1M4
Ph:  204-627-8213
Fax: 204-627-8236
Westman Region
Rm. 335, 340 9th St.
Brandon MB  R7A 6C2
Ph:  204-726-6066
Fax: 204-726-6583
Toll Free:  1-800-259-6592
 Winnipeg Office
Manitoba Municipal Relations
Community Support Small Grant Program
6th floor - 800 Portage Ave
Winnipeg MB R3G 0N4
Ph:  204-945-3766
Fax 204-948-4042