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Airport Vicinity Protection Area Regulation and Web Application

The Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport is a critical air travel and air transport hub.


To protect and foster the airport’s operations and continued growth while ensuring orderly and efficient development within Winnipeg, the Province has adopted The Airport Vicinity Protection Area Regulation 66/2021 under The City of Winnipeg Charter. The Regulation may be viewed here:


The Regulation establishes two protection areas that define where and what type of residential development may take place near the airport. Area 1 comprises lands immediately adjacent to the airport, where no new residential development will be permitted, except for replacement of buildings and minor infilling. Area 2 is located further away from the airport, where new or replacement residential development may be constructed. All development within the regulated lands must comply with indoor noise level limits set out in the Regulation.

An interactive web map was developed to help interested parties determine whether or not a property is affected by the Regulation, and if so, which area applies. Under the Regulation, if a parcel of land is located partly in one Area and partly in another (or outside the AVPA), the entire parcel is deemed to be located in the area in which the majority of the parcel is located.

Click on the AVPA button below to open the web map.

airport_vacinity map_button.jpg