Municipal Relations

Land Use and Development

Planning Policy and Legislation

The Planning Policy and Legislation Unit of the Planning Policy and Programs branch is located in Winnipeg. The Unit’s key role is developing and implementing policy and legislation respecting land use planning, urban development and community economic development.
More specifically, the Unit is responsible for:
  • The development of and amendments to the provincial planning legislation framework, including: The Planning Act and associated regulations, The City of Winnipeg Charter Act (Part 6) and The Capital Region Partnership Act.
  • The development and ongoing improvement of the policy framework for provincial land use planning, urban development/regeneration and community economic development.
  • The development of planning tools and resources to support the implementation of policies, legislation and regulations.
  • Responding to and coordinating broad planning policy issues as they relate to the City of Winnipeg and Capital Region.
  • Providing departmental and interdepartmental coordination on land use matters.
Contact information for Planning Policy and Legislation can be found here.