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2020 Flood Preparedness Program

On November 25, 2019, the Province announced one-time funding support for municipalities to enhance municipal capacity for flood preparedness and build resiliency for future floods.   A call for proposals was issued on February 12, 2020, encouraging all municipalities to apply. 
Municipalities were eligible for reimbursement of up 100 per cent of approved flood preparedness and/or resiliency projects or equipment costs.  The expected maximum funding available for each municipality outside of Winnipeg was $150,000 and the maximum for Winnipeg was $500,000.  However, the criteria included consideration of adjustments based on risk.
A total of 85 Municipalities applied for funding based on their identified needs to prepare for possible 2020 spring flooding, and to build local resiliency for the future. The total funding requested was over $10.4 million. In response to the high demand, the Province made additional funding available, and will be awarding over $7.8 million to 84 successful applicants for the eligible items in their proposals.
Eligible costs included generators, pumps and hoses, culvert steamers, lighting plants, sandbagging machines and sandbags, sand and gravel, water-filled barriers, utility trailers, barricades and signage, water rescue and water safety equipment, personal protective equipment, heaters, tools, equipment for emergency operations centres, GPS equipment and consulting, engineering and survey services. 
The proposal intake closed on February 28, 2020.  Awards to municipalities are summarized below.
Program details:
2020 flood preparedness program - guidelines
Funding summaries:
2020 Flood Preparedness Program - Central summary
2020 Flood Preparedness Program - Eastern summary
2020 Flood Preparedness Program - Interlake summary
2020 Flood Preparedness Program - Midwestern summary
2020 Flood Preparedness Program - Northern summary
2020 Flood Preparedness Program - Parkland summary
2020 Flood Preparedness Program - Western summary
2020 Flood Preparedness Program - Winnipeg Metro Region summary
Municipalities requiring assistance or additional information are encouraged to contact a Municipal Services Officer. For inquiries, please call 204-945-2572 or email