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Municipal Economic Development Infrastructure Program (MEDIP)



The Municipal Economic Development Infrastructure Program (MEDIP) is an application-based program designed to foster economic growth and opportunities for Manitoba municipalities through shared priority projects that address current and emerging infrastructure needs. Funding of up to $44.5 million is available in 2023/24 under MEDIP, which is incremental to the $70.6 million Rural Strategic Infrastructure Basket, delivered under the Strategic Municipal Investment Fund.
MEDIP is available to all Manitoba municipalities located outside Winnipeg and is intended to support immediate advancement and implementation of critical infrastructure projects under the key investment themes of Economic Development, Renewal, and Innovation:
  • Economic Development – utilize strategic planning including asset management to ensure critical infrastructure is maintained and in place to support and promote long-term economic growth for municipalities
  • Innovation – utilize proven emerging technology to respond to current and future infrastructure demands
  • Renewal – replace or renovate existing infrastructure beyond its service life


Municipalities can apply for funding for capital projects under following selected strategic investment funding categories:
  • Public Safety
    • Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Climate Resiliency
    • Fire Stations and Related Capital Project
  • Roads, Bridges and Active Transportation
  • Multi-Modal Transportation
  • Solid Waste Management and Organic Waste Diversion
MEDIP will fund municipalities based on their demonstrated level of need. Municipalities are expected to:
1)    provide a municipal financial commitment towards the project;
2)    are encouraged to seek additional funding support from external partners (e.g. federal contribution); and
3)    propose a provincial share to cover remaining eligible project costs.
Municipalities are encouraged to assess their financial capacity and propose costs that aligns with their level of need for the project. 


For detailed information on the program, please access Manitoba Municipalities Online.
The deadline for submitting a complete MEDIP application form through MMO is October 6, 2023. Applications received after this date will not be considered for funding. 


Should you require additional information on the Municipal Economic Development Infrastructure Program, please contact Municipal Funding Policy and Programs at