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Building Restriction Caveats
Notice of Hearing - under The Municipal Board Act

Notice is hereby given that on    (date) at   (time), at 1144-363 Broadway, Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Municipal Board of Manitoba will sit to hear the Application of                                                                for an order:
Varying or Discharging a Building Restriction Caveat registered in the Land Titles Office as Number(s)                      and without limiting the generality of the Application, as the Caveat affects the following:
(Legal Description)
commonly known as:            (street address)
The intent of the Application is to:
(i.e.) - vary the Caveat to allow for an outbuilding 30 x 40 to be erected
(i.e.) - vary the rear yard setback of 25 feet to 0 feet for the proposed building
At that time, the Board will hear the Applicant(s) and any other person(s) claiming an interest and desiring to be heard in the matter.
Dated this         (date), 2011.
Particulars of the Application may be obtained from the Applicant.
Name of Applicant
Phone No.