Local Vehicles for Hire

The Local Vehicles for Hire Act came into force on February 28, 2018.  The Act gives Manitoba municipalities, including the City of Winnipeg, the authority to licence and regulate vehicles-for-hire operating within their boundaries.


Local Vehicles-for-Hire

A vehicle-for-hire is defined as a vehicle with a manufacturer’s seating capacity of 10 or fewer occupants that is used to transport a passenger in exchange for compensation where the vehicle is hired for a single trip and the passenger controls the route travelled or the destination.  This definition includes standard taxicabs, accessible taxis, executive cars, most limousines, and transportation network company vehicles.  Vehicles designed to seat 11 or more occupants are classified as ‘heavy vehicles’ and are subject to the Safety Fitness Certificate Program administered by the Motor Carrier Division of Manitoba Infrastructure.  Additional information on the Safety Fitness Certificate program may be found at: https://www.gov.mb.ca/mit/mcd/mcs/hvsi/faq.html.


Municipal Bylaws

The Local Vehicles for Hire Act provides Manitoba municipalities with a number of bylaw-making authorities.  A municipality may:

• determine the type and number of vehicle-for-hire licences issued;
• prohibit, control or limit the transfer of licences;
• establish requirements for persons who are engaged in the vehicle-for-hire business, including the character and fitness of an applicant or licence holder;
• prohibit anyone other than a specific class of licence holder from using taxi stands or accepting street hails;
• specify standards for vehicles and safety equipment;
• regulate fares, fees, and any additional charges;
• specify the type and amount of insurance that must be obtained by a licence holder, and;
• establish a Local Vehicles-for-Hire Commission.

Only the City of Winnipeg is required to have a vehicles-for-hire bylaw in place.  All other municipalities may choose whether to impose regulations on their local industries.  Inter-municipal trips will be governed by any applicable bylaw of the municipality in which the trip originates, unless the municipalities in question have agreed otherwise.




It is important to note that the processes and requirements for obtaining a licence to operate a vehicle-for-hire may vary.  For questions regarding licencing, it is best to contact your local municipality. 

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