Taxicab Board

The Taxicab Board is an independent quasi-judicial administrative tribunal established under authority of The Manitoba Taxicab Act to licence and regulate all taxicabs, wheelchair vans and limousines operating in the City of Winnipeg. As legislated, Board membership includes a member of the City of Winnipeg Council, the Chief Constable of the Winnipeg Police Force, and five other persons appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.


To ensure citizens in Winnipeg receive quality taxicab service that meets the public need at a reasonable cost through the administration of a system of economic regulation, and enforce regulations or policies that are in the best interest of public, passenger and driver safety. Te Board fulfils this objective through engaging in the following activities:
  • Conducts public hearings to consider applications for:
    • more and/or different classes of licences,
    • fare increases,
    • industry proposals,
    • interest group(s) proposals, etc.;
  • Establish, review, and revise the limit on the number of taxicab licences, as determined by public convenience and necessity;
  • Control and issue taxicab business licences;
  • Review and approve taxicab business licence transfers;
  • Issue taxicab driver licences;
  • Facilitate training for taxicab drivers;
  • Assess and establish the fare structure and monitor actual rates charged;
  • Implement a comprehensive inspection program for taxicabs including general inspections, street patrols, mechanical inspections, and taxicab meter inspections;
  • Investigate and resolve complaints against taxicab operators and drivers;
  • Discipline taxicab operators and drivers by conducting Show Cause Hearings on perceived violations of legislation and regulations, or on complaints;
  • Monitor the accessibility of transportation for the physically disabled;
  • Monitor the health and viability of the taxicab industry in Winnipeg;
  • Determine policy and procedures which arise in the exercise of the Board's discretionary powers and provide policy input to the Government on broader taxicab policy issues; and
  • Maintain a liaison with the taxicab industry, user interest groups, other taxicab regulatory agencies and governments.


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