Getting Started

Human Resource Management

The Apprenticeship Manitoba website offers information to employers and trainers who want to start an apprenticeship program in the workplace.

The main Training and Employment Manitoba website links to employment and training opportunities; resources to support the recruitment of new employees; and a job referral service.

The Industry Training and Employment Services website provides links to tools NPOs may use for skills development, workforce development, training and other sector council resources.

This Co-operative Development Services website has an introduction to Co-operative Development Curriculum.

















The Human Resource (HR) Council for the Non-profit Sector provides information and initiates research on non-profit labour force issues. The site contains an array of articles on non-profit sector topics and has links to other resources. These are selected articles on HR planning, policies and employment legislation.

HR Planning

HR Policies and
Employment Legislation

The Imagine Canada online library has guides on Human Resources Management and Recruiting and Salaries.

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