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Mill Creek Beaches

The landscape along the west shore of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba's Central Region is varied and includes areas of mixed forests and limestone cliffs. There are wide ranging beach conditions; from sand beaches to cobbled and rocky shorelines. Marshes, bogs, fens and wet meadows provide for an abundance of wildlife for viewing and hunting. The area can accommodate a diverse range of recreational activities. As well, Hecla Golf Course, an 18-hold public course is located within an hour from the subdivision.

Lake Winnipeg is one of Manitoba's greatest freshwater resources, and plays a vital role in tourism, recreation, commercial and sport fisheries, and hydroelectric generation. The lake is home to abundant aquatic life including fish, invertebrates, and plants. Fishing opportunities include catching a variety of species including world-class pickerel (walleye), goldeye, sauger, whitefish, and others. Lake Winnipeg's world-class beaches attract many on the east and west shores.




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Survey Plan 47269

Getting There

The Mill Creek Beaches subdivision is located approximately 160 km north of Winnipeg. You can reach the subdivision by traveling along paved highway PTH 8 approximately 120 km to PR 234. PR 234 is a provincial gravel road that is approximately 12 km north of Riverton (junction of PTH 8 and PR 329). Follow PR 234 roughly 41 km to the subdivision. The subdivision is located approximately 8 km north of Beaver Creek Provincial Park along PR 234 past the peat operation on the west side of the highway. The subdivision begins a short distance (approximately 200m before the peat processing site access road off PR 234 (Sunterra Road). There are two entrances to the Mill Creek Beaches subdivision off PR 234.

Location and Description of Subdivision

The Mill Creek Beaches subdivision is a 71-lot development. The shoreline is a diverse landscape ranging from sandy beaches to boulder and cobblestone areas. One of the subdivision's most attractive features is the number of sandy beaches located within and adjacent to the development. Trails from the back lot clusters will provide easy walking access to the beautiful expansive beaches at either end of the subdivision. The area is a mixed boreal forest cover with various softwood and hardwood species being present. There is a public boat launch located approximately 8 km away at Beaver Creek Provincial Park. The average lot size is 35m x 70m (115ft x 230ft) for lake front lots and 50m x 90m (164ft x 295ft) for back tier lots.


A sewage lagoon has been constructed at Pine Dock that will provide services to the subdivision. An upgraded waste transfer station has also been developed at the Beaver Creek site to handle waste streams from the development. The subdivision is pre-serviced by Manitoba Hydro but not Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS). The lot holder is responsible for contacting Manitoba Hydro directly to arrange and pay for cottage hook-up. Local service centers would be available at Gimli and Riverton along PTH 8 on the way to Mill Creek Beaches. There are also local limited services available at Pine Dock.

Contact for information and permits

Sheldon Kowalchuk
Crown Land Management Specialist
75 – 7th Avenue
Gimli, MB R0C 1B0
Phone: 204-641-1176 Fax 204-642-6108