Forest and Lands

It is our responsibility to plan and manage thousands of square kilometres of Crown land and forests for the benefit of all Manitobans.

We review and make decisions for the use of Crown lands, implement land transfer processes associated with the fulfilment and resolution of provincial obligations to Indigenous peoples, and facilitate Crown lot allocation processes.

We determine sustainable limits on when, where and how trees on Crown land in Manitoba are harvested, and collect associated revenues for the use of Crown timber. We also take action to protect forests from insects and diseases, including new and emerging invasive forest pests.

We are the primary forest fire protection agency in the province, dedicated to the protection of life, property and other resources from wildfire.

Our program areas operate under the following acts: The Crown Lands Act, The Forest Act, The Peatlands Stewardship Act, The East Side Traditional Lands Planning and Special Protected Areas Act, The Wildfires Act, The Forest Health Protection Act and The Wild Rice Act