Fall and Winter Safety

Fall and Winter Health

Prevent fall and winter-related injuries and stay healthy all season long.

Staying Healthy

Flu – Questions and Answers 
Questions and Answers about Manitoba’s Seasonal Influenza Immunization Program

Healthy Indoor Environments
During the fall and winter months, Manitobans tend to spend more time indoors.  Be aware of potential indoor health risks like mold, asbestos, and carbon monoxide.

Don't be SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
Tips for managing winter blues and seasonal depression.

Cold Weather and Your Health

Manitoba winters can be very cold and sometimes unpredictable. Exposure to colder temperatures can be a health concern. During the winter it’s important to dress appropriately for weather conditions and to be prepared for weather events like winter storms and cold temperatures. 

Prevent Cold Weather Injuries

Cold Weather Tips
Before you head outdoors read these cold weather tips.

Prevent frostbite by protecting exposed skin and dress appropriately in cold weather.

Flu and Colds

Get a Flu Shot
Get your annual seasonal flu shot from your family doctor or your local public health office.

Cover your Cough (PDF, 185 KB)
Help prevent the spread of infection.

Hand Hygiene (PDF, 174 KB)
Help prevent the spread of infection.

Chilling Out With Colds
Dealing with the common cold.

Caring for a Child with a Fever (PDF, 150 KB)
Information about treating fevers for parents and caregivers.