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Environmental Programs

Environmental Approvals

Hazardous Waste Program

Generator Responsibilities

Following is a summary of the basic responsibilities of hazardous waste generators in terms of the hazardous waste tracking system:

  • Identification and classification of all hazardous wastes generated.
  • Initial registration as a hazardous waste generator by submitting a completed Hazardous Waste Registration Form [en français]to Manitoba Sustainable Development ; assigned a hazardous waste generator registration number (Provincial ID No.) by Manitoba Sustainable Development .
  • Submit a supplementary registration (use Hazardous Waste Registration Form) to Manitoba Sustainable Development as required to report changes.
  • Use licensed hazardous waste carriers to transport hazardous waste (with the exception of certain recyclable material).
  • Dispose of hazardous waste through licensed disposal facilities.
  • Ensure that Part A of the manifest is completed; signature of authorized person in part A to certify that the information is correct; retain a copy for two years; ensure that a copy is sent to Manitoba Sustainable Development (and other appropriate authority if an interprovincial or transborder shipment). Alternatively, for recyclable material that qualifies for exemption from the manifest, ensure that appropriate shipping document (with generator registration number recorded on it) is completed and copy is retained for two years.
  • Registration as a PCB storage site if storing PCB waste - obtain approval from Manitoba Sustainable Development prior to disposal of PCB waste.