Pesticide Section


Our new address is:
Environmental Approvals
1007 Century Street
Winnipeg, MB
R3H 0W4

Are you a homeowner, retailer, municipality or lawn care professional needing more information on the new Non-Essential Pesticides Regulation?
Please see the Reducing Pesticide Exposure Program Page for more information:

Forms, Guidelines, and Information Bulletins:

Guide to Applicants for Pesticide Use Permits (updated April 2018)

Pesticide Use Permit Application Form (revised November 2018)

Annual Report - Post Seasonal Reports (updated March 2018)

IPM Reporting Guidelines (updated March 2018)

Minimum Recommendations for Storage of Pesticides (pdf 15KB)

Pesticide Container Management (pdf 27KB)

If you need paper forms, additional information, or further clarification please contact Krystal Penner.

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