Participant Assistance Program
City of Winnipeg Sewage Investigation Public Hearings


A Clean Environment Commission hearing will be held to investigate The City of Winnipeg sewage system. In consideration of the hearing, the Minister has decided, in accordance with Manitoba Regulation 125/91, the Participant Assistance Regulation, to establish a participant assistance program for the hearing.

Participant Assistance Committee Membership

The Participant Assistance Committee membership shall be comprised of three members of the Clean Environment Commission, one of who will be Chair of the Committee. To evaluate participant presentations at the hearing, at least one member of the Committee should be on the public hearing panel, unless an alternate process for evaluation is used.

Funding Available

A total of $50,000.00 will be available. Individual or group applications shall be made by completing the application form available from the Environmental Approvals Branch of Manitoba Conservation. Successful applicants will receive 30% of funding prior to the hearing.

Eligibility for Assistance

In accordance with section 6 of MR 125/91.

Eligible Expenditures

In accordance with section 7(1) of MR 125/91

Mandate of the Participant Assistance Committee

The Committee shall:

November, 2002