Licensing of Arborists

Anyone who provides tree care (pruning) for financial gain in Manitoba must have a valid Manitoba Arborists Licence under the Arborists Regulation of The Forest Health Protection Act (C.C.S.M. c. F151). While this legislation was proclaimed in 2009, it has been a requirement since1970 that anyone conducting professional tree care in Manitoba must have a valid Manitoba Arborist Licence.

How to Obtain an Arborist Licence

You are eligible for a Manitoba Arborist Licence if you have completed an approved training course, have sufficient liability insurance coverage and have submitted a completed Arborist Licence Application form together with an application fee.

All new and renewing Arborist Licenses will be issued for a term of three years at a fee of $90.00 per person.

Manitoba Arborist Licenses can be obtained from Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, Financial Services Branch - Licensing Section by completing an Arborist Licence Application Form

The application approval process may require 20 business days.

Liability Insurance

All individuals working as an arborist in Manitoba must be in possession of a valid Arborist Licence accompanied by proof of a minimum of $2,000,000.00 in liability insurance.

***Insurance is required to validate all licenses***

Valid insurance is only required while operating as an arborist. Absence of insurance when not operating as an arborist (such as during lay-off periods) will not terminate a licence prior to its expiry.

Individuals caught working without a valid licence or valid insurance policy can have their licence suspended and/or can be charged with an offence under The Forest Health Protection Act.

Approved Training in Manitoba

  • Manitoba Arborists Training and Examination Program
  • International Society of Arboriculture (I.S.A.) Certificate

Manitoba Arborist Training

Courses are normally offered during the fall and winter sessions. For information on course content and course schedules, please call the University of Manitoba, School of Agriculture at 204-474-8473. There is also an option available for enrolment in a home-study program.

* Please note that Assiniboine Community College in Brandon no longer offers this course, but the examination for this course can be taken there through their test centre, at 1-800-862-6307, ext. 6700.

International Society of Arboriculture (I.S.A.)

For information on obtaining I.S.A. certification please visit or call at 1-866-550-7464.

Why is Arborist Training Important?

  • It is a legal requirement to obtain training and a Manitoba Arborist Licence to provide tree care/pruning for financial gain in this province.
  • You will learn about safety issues related to providing tree care.
  • Becoming a certified arborist is a valuable marketing asset for your business. The public is more educated about the value of urban shade trees and wants to ensure that trees are properly cared for - increasing the demand for licensed and certified arborists.
  • You can help maintain Manitoba’s valuable urban trees and forests by learning about proper tree pruning techniques and about some of the issues that affect urban tree health, including environmental stresses and forest pests and diseases.

Further Information

Please contact our licensing section staff at (204) 945-4042 if you require further information.

For more information about arborist licencing and The Forest Health Protection Act, please see:

The Forest Health Protection Act

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