Practicing Arboriculture in Manitoba

Changes to Arborists Regulations

Changes to the Arborists Regulation came into force on April 1st, 2018, eliminating the need for arborists to maintain a Government of Manitoba arborists licence.

These changes mean that to practice arboriculture in Manitoba you must either:

  • Have in your possession a previously issued Manitoba Arborists Licence that was valid after October 1, 2017, or
  • have proof of successfully completing the Manitoba Arborists Training Course from the University of Manitoba before July 1, 2019, or
  • hold or obtain arborist certification from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

As before, the following exceptions apply:

  • A person does not need certification if the only arboriculture services they provide is planting and watering trees/woody plants or applying pesticides to trees/woody plants.
  • Assistants who are not certified may provide tree care if a certified arborist is present at the worksite and directly supervises the assistant’s work.  

University of Manitoba Arborists’ Training Information

The Manitoba Arborists' Training & Licensing Course is available as an on-line or in class course. It covers tree biology, plant classification and identification, soil science and tree worker safety. Participants learn about proper tree pruning techniques as well as the issues that affect urban tree health, including environmental stresses and forest pests and diseases.

An on-line and an in class course are offered during the winter term. An on-line class is also offered during the spring term. For information on course content, course schedules and examination dates, please visit the University of Manitoba, School of Agriculture website: .

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I passed the University of Manitoba Arborists Training course, but I no longer have my Manitoba arborist’s licence. Can I legally practice arboriculture in Manitoba?
A: Yes. When you are working, you must be able to produce confirmation from the University of Manitoba showing that you completed and passed the course.

Q: I currently have a Manitoba arborists licence that has not expired yet.  Will the province be issuing me something new when my licence expires?
A: No. When your licence expires you must keep it and be able to produce it when you are working in Manitoba.

Q: I passed the Manitoba Arborists Training Course, but I no longer have a copy of the confirmation I received from the University of Manitoba. Can I still practice arboriculture in Manitoba?
A: Yes. However, you will need to obtain a proof of completion from Manitoba Sustainable Development, Forestry and Peatlands Branch (204-945-7866) to keep with you when you are working. 

Q: I previously held a Manitoba arborists licence and/or I previously passed the Manitoba Arborists Training course. Does this mean that I am now automatically an ISA certified arborist?
A: No. If you decide you would like to obtain your ISA certification, you will need to contact the ISA for more information (

Q: I did not take the Manitoba Arborists Training course, but I did have a Manitoba arborists licence. Can I still practice arboriculture in Manitoba?
A: If you had a valid licence after Oct 1, 2017, then you can still practice arboriculture here. If you had allowed your licence to lapse before that, then you will need complete the Manitoba Arborists Training course before July 2019 or obtain certification through the ISA.

Q: I did not previously hold a Manitoba arborists licence, but I do have my ISA certification. Can I practice arboriculture in Manitoba now?
A:  Yes. You can now practice arboriculture in Manitoba if you have ISA certification.

Further Information

Please contact Forestry and Peatlands Branch at 204-945-7866 if you require further information.

For information on obtaining ISA certification, please visit or call at 1-866-550-7464.

To see a copy of the legislation, please go to:

The Forest Health Protection Act

Arborists Regulation