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September 1, 2013 - Forestry Permits and Licences Fee Changes

Effective September 1, 2013 the following fees will be applicable to forestry permits and licence.

Forestry Permit or Licence

Fee ($)

Timber Permit - Commercial 15.00
Operating Permit 20.00
General Forestry Permit 20.00 - 40.00
Manitoba Scaler's Licence 50.00
Permit to graze cattle on provincial forests 25.00
Permit to cut hay on provincial forests 25.00
Wood Processing Facility Licence 30.00
Timber Dealers Licence 30.00
Timber Permit - Christmas tree 5.00
Arborist Licence* 90.00*

*New three (3) year licence term

Fee changes will affect current licence and permit holders upon licence/permit renewal (i.e. expiry). All licence and permit requirements and fees are outlined under The Forest Act and Forest Use and Management Regulation.  All other licence requirements remain unchanged and in effect.

Aboriginal/Treaty Domestic Use Timber Harvesting Policy

In October 2010, Manitoba Conservation – Forestry Branch updated the existing policy Domestic Use Timber Harvesting for Aboriginal/Treaty Rights Holders to reflect Sustainable Development's current understanding of aboriginal harvesting rights including Métis rights.

The Forest Act

The Forest Act received Royal Assent in 2009 and was Proclaimed on March 1, 2011 with accompanying regulations. The Act emphasizes: timber administration and pricing; timber tracking and scaling; and enforcement, penalties and offences.

The Forest Act and the Forest Use and Management Regulations can be found on-line.

Quota Holder Policy

Revised 2015-2020 Timber Quota Policy (August 22, 2016)

Previous policies:
2015-2020 Timber Quota Policy
2010-2015 Timber Quota Policy

Manitoba's Scaling Program

Manitoba Scaler's Licence Program

Manitoba Manual of Scaling Instructions Fourth Edition 2017

This manual is used in both the full scaling course and the refresher course. It summarizes the procedures and instructions for scaling or measuring Crown timber as approved by the Director of Forestry .
Manitoba Manual of Scaling Instructions 2017 (pdf)

2018-2019 Scaling Plan Forms

  • print and complete by hand (pdf)
  • open and complete on screen (short form) (word)
  • open and complete on screen (long form)(word)

2017-2018 Scaling Plan Forms

  • print and complete by hand (pdf)
  • open and complete on screen (short form) (word)
  • open and complete on screen (long form)(word)

Stacked Wood Tally Sheets

Click here for the latest Timber Return and other forms or reports required under the Timber Administration System.