Information for Planting Contractors

Manitoba Conservation delivers its tree planting program via tendered contracts, administered by Forestry Branch, 200 Saulteaux Crescent, Winnipeg. Manitoba Forestry Branch advertises two types of contracts:

  1. First Nations - Available for tendering by First Nations Tree Planting Contractors only
  2. Open - All tree planting contractors may submit a tender

Information on contracts is advertised usually in September - October on MERX on-line purchasing system and on the Manitoba Forestry Branch website.

Viewing of the planting sites is mandatory, all potential bidders must view planned planting sites as outlined in the advertised viewing schedule. Contractors are able to discuss site and logistics issues with Regional Operations staff.

The site viewing schedule and the contract planting level are included in the advertisements. The site viewing normally occurs in late September - October and mid February. Contracts are usually awarded in December and March with planting scheduled from May to July.

Contract Levels

Contracts are organized in levels based on several factors: the number of trees to be planted, the difficulty of accessing the planting site and planting difficulty within the site as determined by Regional Operations staff. All contractors must establish their contract level status based on the following criteria before they will be allowed to bid.

First time contractors are limited to Level 1 contracts.

Level 1

  • approximately 150,000 trees
  • no restrictions to bidding

Note: A Level 1 contractor may be awarded a Level 1 contract if the tendered bid is within 15% of bids received from Level 2 to Level 4 contractors.

Level 2

  • approximately 151,001- 300,000 trees
  • last Level 1 Contract successfully completed

Note: Level 2 contractors are restricted to a maximum of 700,000 trees in total. Once a Level 2 contractor reaches this maximum number of trees for contracts awarded in consecutive order, the remaining contract's bid deposits will be returned. This condition does not apply to Level 3 or Level 4 contractors bidding on Level 2 contracts.

Level 3

  • approximately 300,001 - 600,000 trees
  • last Level 2 Contract in Manitoba was successfully completed

Note: Contractors with only out-of-province experience must have their last two Level 2 or higher contracts successfully completed.

Level 4

  • usually greater than 600,000 trees
  • last two Level 3 Contracts were successfully completed. Contractors with only out-of-province experience must have their last three Level 3 or higher contracts successfully completed.

Upon completion of any contract, the project is assessed and the contractor will have his status reviewed for future contracts. Successful completion will allow for the continued participation in our programs and advancement to larger contracts.

For more information, please contact:

Gordon Falk, Silviculture Forester
Forestry Branch
Winnipeg, MB R3J 3W3
Phone: (204) 945-7981