Christmas Tree Cutting Permits


Manitoba has many private Christmas tree farms where you can cut a farm grown Christmas tree or purchase a pre-cut Christmas tree. For more information about private tree farms and the Manitoba Christmas Tree Grower's Association go to: Real ChristmasTrees

Permits to cut coniferous Christmas trees from Crown land, for own use, are available from Sustainable Development, 200 Saulteaux Crescent, Winnipeg (8:30 am to 4:30 pm Mon to Fri) and district and regional offices, starting November 23, 2018. Dues for own use Christmas trees, not exceeding three (3) metres in height, are $5.00 per tree plus GST. More than one tree may be purchased per permit, but the permit shall be retained by the person in possession of the tree(s).

Designated Christmas Tree Cutting Areas in the Eastern Region
Choose the designated cutting area you are interested in from the overview map, click here. Go to the Sustainable Development Head Office, or an Eastern Region District Office to purchase your permit, starting November 23, 2018. After you purchase your Christmas Tree Cutting Permit you will be given a detailed map of the designated Christmas Tree cutting area.

Designated Christmas Tree Cutting Areas in the Eastern Region:

DCA# 311 - Ste. Rita – approx. 50 km east of the Perimeter Hwy, south of Ste. Rita, off Hwy # 15

DCA# 309 - Milner Ridge – approx. 67 km north east of the Perimeter Hwy, south west of Milner Ridge off Provincial Rd # 435

DCA# 636 - Marchand – approx. 83 km south east of the Perimeter Hwy, (from Steinbach approx. 47 km), east of Marchand off Provincial Rd # 210

With the purchase of a permit, the permittee is authorized to cut a coniferous Christmas tree not exceeding three (3) metres in height from a designated area. Avoid plantations and research areas.

  • In order to manage our forest resource sustainably, the province urges you to only cut down the tree you are taking home.
  • Designated Christmas Tree Cutting Areas are on Crown land. Crown land has many resource users. There may be hunters and trappers in the area. Stay within the designated cutting area. Watch children and keep pets on a leash at all times.
  • When enjoying the Manitoba winter please stay on maintained roads to ensure your own personal safety. Clean up any debris or garbage from the forest. Carry out what you carry in. Do not have open fires in designated cutting areas.
  • Be prepared for walking and carrying. Vehicle access is not guaranteed if there is a heavy snowfall.

Special Conditions:

  • cutting shall be confined to the area stated on the permit
  • tree(s) shall not be sold or bartered
  • permit shall be retained by the person in possession of the tree(s)
  • permit shall be produced for inspection on request by a Conservation Officer
  • permit expires on the 31st day of December following the date of issue


Collection of Boughs and Branches for Commercial Use

Special conditions are in place for individuals interested in harvesting and collecting boughs and branches for commercial use (ex. wreath making). Please contact the district or regional office in the area you are interested in to get information on required permits, fee schedules and location of designated commercial collection areas.

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