Woodlot Management

Private Land Resource Planning (Woodlot) Program

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We have a variety of publications of interest to Woodlot owners, including:

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Woodlot Management Publications

thumbnail image of 'Landowner's Guide to Managing Riverbottom Forests in Southern Manitoba'

Landowner's Guide to Managing Riverbottom Forests in Southern Manitoba

Our riverbank communities are a precious resource. Learn how landowners can manage riverbottom forest resources for timber production and wildlife conservation.

thumbnail image of 'Management Recommendations for Riverbottom Forests in Southern Manitoba'

Management Recommendations for Riverbottom Forests in Southern Manitoba

This fact sheet provides guidelines for the sustainable management of riverbottom forest on private land.

thumbnail image of 'Making Maple Syrup in Manitoba'

Making Maple Syrup in Manitoba

The Manitoba maple offers potential for small scale maple sugaring operations on private and First Nations lands in Manitoba. This fact sheet describes the results of a 1992 study in the vicinity of Holland, MB.

thumbnail image of 'Growing Shiitake Mushrooms in Manitoba'

Growing Shiitake Mushrooms in Manitoba

The shiitake mushroom offers economic diversification opportunities for Manitoba's woodlot owners. Read this fact sheet to discover how easy they are to grow!

thumbnail image of 'Tree Measurements (Imperial)'

Tree Measurements (Imperial)

Learn how to get the most value from your merchantable trees. This fact sheet shows how to calculate tree height so you can utilize different volume estimation tables.

thumbnail image of 'Estimating Tree Volumes and When to Sell Timber'

Estimating Tree Volumes and When to Sell Timber

This fact sheet covers how to estimate the board-foot content of standing trees. Includes conversion table.

thumbnail image of 'Stacked Wood (Imperial Measurement)'

Stacked Wood (Imperial Measurement)

Firewood is usually sold in legal cords. This fact sheet covers how to calculate this measurement.

thumbnail image of 'Stacked Wood (Volume in Stacked Cubic Metres)'

Stacked Wood (Volume in Stacked Cubic Metres)

There is more than one way to stack logs or bolts. This fact sheet shows you how to calculate stacked wood volume in a variety of ways.

thumbnail image of 'Log Volume and Board Feet (Imperial Measurement)'

Log Volume & Board Feet (Imperial Measurement)

Learn how to calculate log volume using board-feet, an Imperial unit of measurement.

thumbnail image of 'Log Volume (Metric Measurement)'

Log Volume (Metric Measurement)

The metric measurement for volume estimation is metres cubed (m³). This fact sheet explains how to make this calculation, and includes a conversion table for quick reference.

Pest Identification and Control Brochures

cover of 'The Spruce Budworm in Manitoba' brochure

Spruce Budworm
Ref. Number: MG-10383

This brochure profiles the most destructive and widely distributed forest pest in North America: the spruce budworm Choristoneura fumiferana (Clemens).

cover of jack pine budworm brochure

Jack Pine Budworm
Ref. Number:

Choristoneura pinus pinus (Freeman), the jack pine budworm, is profiled in this brochure.

cover of dwarf mistletoe in conifers brochure

Dwarf Mistletoe in Conifers
Ref. Number:

There are two species of dwarf mistletoe in Manitoba. Learn about the devastating effects of this parasitic plant on our conifer forests.

Dutch Elm Disease

  cover of the 'Dutch Elm Disease' brochure

Dutch Elm Disease

This folder contains an overview of Dutch Elm Disease, its causes and symptoms, how this disease spreads and the main strategies for controlling it.

  photo of cover of identifying elm wood brochure

Dutch Elm Disease: Identifying Elm Wood

Find out how to identify elm wood and why elm wood should not be stored.