GeoManitoba was formed on April 1, 2011 as part of a department-wide reorganization to assume formal responsibility for the stewardship and evolution of Manitoba's shared geospatial technology and information assets.

In addition to providing surveying, remote sensing, topographic, cadastral mapping services and sales, GeoManitoba supports government’s intentions to develop corporate-wide GIS capacity, to provide a revitalized approach to support delivery, acquisition and management of geospatial information for all Manitoba government departments. This includes providing leadership in the Province’s use of GIS technology and specialized geomatics capabilities, stewardship for corporate GIS datasets and to centrally coordinate the development of GIS capacity for the Province, including:

  • Centralized geospatial data storage, management and dissemination (spatial data infrastructure)
  • Enterprise GIS software licensing
  • Corporate data acquisition such as digital ortho imagery
  • Improved human resource capacity for GIS

GeoManitoba encourages and facilitates sharing of geographic and spatially linked business data between departments to enhance decision making and to add value across government. GeoManitoba will also assist government departments to evolve the use of GIS and spatial management technologies in support of program objectives.