Director of Surveys Office

The Director of Surveys has the mandate to administer and enforce The Surveys Act (Part II) and Regulations made there under, to approve plans of survey of provincial Crown lands as required by The Crown Lands Act (Section 9) and The Mineral Disposition and Mineral Lease Regulation (Parts 5 and 6) under The Mines and Mineral Act, to represent Manitoba on matters regarding the delimitation of the boundaries of the Province, to provide survey services to provincial government departments on a cost-recovery basis, to maintain the provincial Land Survey System.

Rationale and Public Policy Benefits
The anticipated public policy benefits include a secure process for the conveyance and reservation of provincial Crown lands and rights therein, an economical service for the acquisition and disposition of provincial Crown lands, a basic land survey system to facilitate and expedite the determination of boundaries of property rights, and a homogenous network of survey monuments for the spatial referencing of land-related features and information.

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Director of Surveys Office
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