Working Together with Agro-Manitoba

While progress is being made in northern and central Manitoba to identify and protect areas, efforts are underway to accelerate the Protected Areas Initiative in rural regions of Southern Manitoba, also known as Agro-Manitoba. Agro-Manitoba is the most populated and settled portion of the province, with fewer protected areas and fewer options for creating new protected areas. The complexity of land use and private land ownership will require new and innovative approaches to create protected areas in this part of Manitoba.

Work in Agro-Manitoba will involve consultations with individuals or groups, First Nations, industry, communities and a variety of conservation groups to explore opportunities to establish core protected areas, corridors and buffers, as part of a network of protected areas in the southern portion of the province.

For private landowners wishing to contribute to Manitoba's Protected Areas Initiative, The Conservation Agreements Act, proclaimed in 1998, allows landowners to put a legally binding easement or caveat on their land to ensure future owners maintain the natural features of the land.

For more information on Conservation Agreements, contact the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation at (204) 784-4350 in Winnipeg or at (204) 729-3501 in Brandon.