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Publications and Reports

2008 Protecting Manitoba's Outstanding Landscapes:  Manitoba's Protected Areas Initiative
Manitoba has been working to establish protected areas that preserve Manitoba’s biodiversity, securing this natural legacy for future generations. This brochure gives an overview of the protected areas program, its achievements, and how new protected areas are established.

2005 Green and Growing: Building a Green and Prosperous Future for Manitoba Families
Since 1999, the Manitoba government has implemented dozens of initiatives, laws and programs aimed at protecting and improving the province's environment.  Collectively, these actions form a green strategic framework that has been created by government but is supported by businesses and communities throughout Manitoba.  This framework focuses on preserving and protecting our environment as well as growing the Manitoba economy.

An Action Plan for Manitoba's Network of Protected Areas 2000-2003
This document gives an overview of Manitoba's Protected Areas Initiative, the Statement of Intent for the program, a Strategic Plan, and some technical information on the science behind identifying sites to be considered as protected areas.

Protected Areas Initiative Annual Updates 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008
Read about our annual activities.

Manitoba Conservation Annual Reports
The Annual Report details the Department’s many accomplishments and activities as we fulfill our mandate of protecting the environment while conserving the abundant resources that we enjoy as Manitobans.

Provincial Sustainability Report for Manitoba
This report provides Manitobans with information on important sustainability issues and trends. The report was developed by compiling data on key indicators that have been tracked over time to measure our progress towards sustainability.