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Seasonal Camping


Seasonal Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a seasonal site?

Seasonal campsites are available through a draw process. Application packages will be online and available for pick up early January.

How do I apply for a seasonal campsite?

Obtain a seasonal camping information / application package by using the Winnipeg Held or Rural Held draw links or call the Seasonal Camping Coordinator at 945-3934. Read the entire package, including "Conditions of Application" and the "Seasonal Camper's Guide". Complete the application form and submit it with the full payment by the deadline date in the package.

Do I have to attend the site selection draw?

Applicants for the Site Selection draws are determined by an advance pre-draw. If you are successful, you or your representative must be attend the site selection process.  If another person is representing you at the site selection process, he/she must present a written and signed authorization letter from you stating he/she is at the draw on your behalf. Applicants who arrive late will be taken out of draw order and must select a site after all other site selections have taken place.
Applicants who are absent at the site selection draw may lose their right to select a site and may forfeit their fees paid.  Applicants who are absent may not withdraw without loss of fees except if remaining site size will not accommodate the trailer, or under compassionate grounds with approval.  Unallocated sites resulting from absenteeism will not be offered to the Standby List unless a withdrawal is approved.

Can I submit multiple applications?

Only one application per family shall be permitted. For the purpose of application, the term - ”family” is generally defined as parent(s) and their children under the age of 18 years.

What if I am unsuccessful at a draw?

If you are unsuccessful, you must choose one of the following two options: the "Standby List" or "Withdraw".

Standby List (for sites that are vacated throughout the season)

If you were unsuccessful at the advance computerized draw process because the campground was oversubscribed, you will automatically be placed on the Standby List for that campground in your draw order. People on this list will be contacted on a priority basis if any campsites become available later in the season. Applicants on the Standby List will be issued a full refund following the draws. There is no obligation to accept sites that may become available.


If you are unsuccessful at a draw, you may simply withdraw and a full refund will be issued at a later date.

When will I receive my refund?

 Refunds will be issued once all draw records are reconciled. This process is expected to be completed by mid March.