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Information for Park Visitors

Practice physical distancing in provincial parks, including on trails, in the campground, washrooms and shower buildings, playgrounds, beaches and all greenspaces.
  • Keep two metres away from other individuals. Family/household groups should keep four metres away from other groups.
  • Groups should be aware of gathering size restrictions.
  • Wash your hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer regularly.
  • Mask use is strongly recommended in all indoor facilities.
  • Practice Leave No Trace. Pack out everything you packed in including trash and waste, and keep pets on a short leash.

Please bring your own picnic table covers, toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer. Wear water shoes or sandals while using shower facilities.

Only visit local health centres if it is an emergency.

Park Offices and Visitor Centres may be limited to only one visitor or family at a time. Please observe signage and queue two metres/ six feet away from others outside if required.

Beaches & Picnic Areas: Follow social distancing requirements and do not share towels, blankets, toys, food or other items between members of different families/ households. Keep children within arms reach. Additional beach information is here.

Trails: Avoid busy trails. If a parking lot is full, do not park along roadways. Postpone your visit or try a different trail system. Wash/sanitize hands before and after using backcountry facilities.

Campsite Check-in: Site reservation holders may proceed directly to their campsite without checking in at the campground office. Visit the park office only if you require additional information.

Out-of-province visitors from western Canada and northwestern Ontario are welcome in all parks without self-isolating. Visitors from all other jurisdictions must self-isolate for 14 days or for the duration of your stay if it is less than 14 days.

Additional restrictions or changes may be implemented at any time. See below for region specific health orders.

For more information on COVID-19 in Manitoba, visit

Eastern Region

No additional restrictions at this time.

Central Region

No additional restrictions at this time.

Northern Region

September 4, 2020: Travel restrictions north of the 53rd parallel have been enacted, which includes the following provincial parks: Amisk Park Reserve, Bakers Narrows, Burge Lake, Caribou River, Clearwater Lake, Colvin Lake, Grand Rapids, Grass River, Little Limestone Lake, Neso Lake, Nueltin Lake, Numaykoos Lake, Paint Lake, Pisew Falls, Rocky Lake, Sand Lakes, Sasagiu Rapids, Twin Lakes, Wekusko Falls, Zed Lake.

A person may continue to travel to a cottage, cabin, provincial park, campground or hunting or fishing lodge in northern Manitoba or a remote community if they

  1. are not displaying any symptoms of COVID-19;
  2. travel as directly as possible to and from their intended destination; and
  3. limit their use of local services to the minimum required given the circumstances of their visit.

Additional information on health orders in the Northern Health Region can be found here.

Western Region

No additional restrictions at this time.