Job & Volunteer Opportunities

Imagine your summer working in a provincial park! 

Consider applying for a seasonal position with Sustainable Development.  There are many opportunities available in provincial parks, which include working with the public, maintenance, interpretive programs, campground administration and resource protection/enforcement. Seasonal job bulletins are typically posted during the winter months for the upcoming summer season.

Seasonal work experience is invaluable to gaining knowledge and skills for full time employment as Park Supervisors, Senior Interpreters, Park Managers, Specialists and Conservation Officers.

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Park Attendants (campgrounds & entrance gates)
Providing great customer service and a friendly smile to greet our park visitors is always top of mind for a Park Attendant.  These positions provide front line services for park visitors, responsible for registering campers and sale of park entry permits using the computerized Parks Reservation Service system, including handling cash and credit card transactions.  Park Attendants may also be responsible for grounds maintenance such as mowing grass and cleaning campsites, as well as janitorial duties.  Working evenings and weekends is required. Check out this map of provincial park campgrounds to see where Park Attendant opportunities are located.

Park Interpreters
Our Park Interpreters are energetic, creative individuals that provide unique experiences for park visitors, connecting them to our natural and cultural history. Interpreters lead tours of historic sites, campfire talks and amphitheatre presentations, school programs and special events.  Interpreters also operate and conduct programs at our interpretive centres and museums.  These jobs would be of interest to post-secondary students studying education, environmental sciences/studies, biology, natural resource management or history.  Applicants will enjoy working with people and leading groups and require knowledge of Manitoba’s flora and fauna, culture and history.  Working evenings and weekends is required.

Park Maintenance (Labourer/General Park Maintenance)
The maintenance and upkeep of our campgrounds, trails, beaches and other facilities requires a strong team of skilled labourers, trades people and equipment operators. Responsibilities include janitorial duties, mowing, landscaping, painting, and mechanical and carpentry work.  Applicants may also require knowledge in the use of hand and power tools and of trucks and ATV’s as modes of transportation. Some evening and weekend work may be required.

Park Patrol Officers
This job not only appeals to those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, but who also are looking for a career in conservation or law enforcement. You will be responsible for patrolling your assigned district to ensure regulatory compliance - protecting the resource from people, people from the resource, and people from people. You will use and maintain a variety of equipment and tools, ranging from all terrain vehicles to watercraft. Check out the Resource Officer Career Info page for more information.

Wildland Fire Fighters
The Manitoba Wildfire Program trains fire rangers and initial attack crews at various locations throughout Manitoba. These employment opportunities would be of interest to both local residents of remote communities, as well as college/university students particularly those studying natural resource management.  Wildland fire fighters provide suppression action on forest fires using forest firefighting equipment and vehicles such as helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, boats and other vehicles. Check out the Wildland Fire Fighter Employment page for more info.

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Park Works Supervisor

Swan River

Nov 26, 2018

For more details on locations, employment opportunities and position descriptions, please contact us.

Be sure to also visit the Manitoba Government Job Opportunities website for full-time opportunities with Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship and the Manitoba Civil Service.

Volunteer Opportunities

Campground Hosts
As a volunteer campground host, you will work with park staff to ensure visitors enjoy their stay in provincial park campgrounds by greeting and assisting other campers, listening to comments and answering questions, promoting park events and directing campers to unique park features and participating and aiding with interpretive programming if required.  You will not be required to collect fees, issue park permits or do other tasks normally performed by park staff.  Campground Hosts are given a complimentary campsite for the entire season!  For more information and how to apply, visit the Campground Host Program page.

Museum Docents & Interpretive Program Volunteers
Do have a keen knowledge of your favourite park?  Enjoy interacting with groups and people of varied backgrounds?  Consider volunteering for the Interpretation Program!  Museum Docents are volunteers who work with our Park Interpreters and help greet visitors and answer questions in our interpretive centres and museums.  You could also assist Park Interpreters with the delivery of special events and programs.  For more information and how to apply, please contact the Head of Interpretation at 204-945-4375 or email

Cooperating Associations
Several parks have organized groups of volunteers that support Manitoba Conservation’s activities and management of provincial parks.  These groups assist with interpretive programming, conduct fundraising campaigns, help with trail and facility maintenance and much more.  Contact one of these groups for more information on how to get involved.