Park Planning - A System Plan for Manitoba's Parks

A System Plan for Manitoba’s Provincial Parks was created under the authority of the Provincial Parks Act. The system plan establishes the boundaries, classifications and land use categories of every provincial park and park reserve in Manitoba. It also identifies provincial park and park reserve lands that contribute to Manitoba's network of protected areas. The system plan is updated when new provincial parks or park reserves are established and when there are regulatory amendments to boundaries, classifications and land use categories.

Download the entire document ( PDF)

Section 1 - Introduction (PDF)

Section 2 - Wilderness and Natural Parks (PDF)

Section 3 - Recreation Parks from A to M (PDF)

Section 4 - Recreation Parks from N to Z (PDF)

Section 5 - Heritage Parks, Park Reserves and Appendices (PDF)

Manitoba's Protected Areas Initiative is a government program dedicated to building a network of protected areas that contains the tremendous biological diversity found in Manitoba's varied landscapes. Manitoba has become a partner and a leader in an international effort to protect the environment.