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Birds Hill Provincial Park
Bur Oak Self-guiding Trail

What kind of plant is that? The plants of the bur oak community have adapted to survive this semi-arid environment. The trail has eight on-site interpretive signs that describe the forest you are entering, the plant community, and birds and animals that call this place home. In winter months, the signs are replaced with eight new signs that explain how plants and animals cope with a Manitoba winter. A perfect trail to try those new Christmas snowshoes. In summer, some of the aromas that will fill the air are juniper, chokecherry, nannyberry and prairie rose. By the late summer these blossoms will turn into juicy berries, but beware of poison ivy which also thrive here. The landscape of the trail is characterized as an oak savannah. This trail is designed to accommodate all visitors, the trail is asphalt covered and adjacent picnic tables and washrooms provide barrier-free access. Return distance is 1 km. Allow 30 min.

Bur Oak Self-guiding Trail
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