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Central Parks

Birds Hill Provincial Park
Chickadee Trail and Viewing Tower

When the floods came we would gather here. Eskers are formed during glaciation and have had a major influence on the natural and cultural history of the Birds Hill area.

Griffiths Hill at about the halfway point along the trail, is the highest point in the area at 265m (870'). The trail has five on-site interpretive signs at the Griffiths Hill viewing tower that provides a spectacular westward view, beyond the park's treed boundary. The signs explain how eskers are formed. Settlers in this region would use this esker to escape flooding when the Red River spilled its banks. The landscape of the trail is characterized by aspen oak parkland as you gradually climb up the face of the esker. Return distance is 4 km. Allow 2 h.

Chickadee Trail and Viewing Tower
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