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Northwest Parks

Clearwater Lake Provincial Park

Park map


Distance Guide (km)
The Pas 18 22 23 28 36 75
Prospector 4 5 10 18 57
Sunset Beach 3 8 16 55
Camper's Cove 5 13 52
Airport 8 47
Pioneer Bay 39
Example: The Pas to Camper's Cove = 23 km Cormorant

Park Boundary g
Provincial Trunk Highway g
Provincial Roads g
Other Roads g
Railway, HBR
(Hudson Bay Railway)

Caution to all Backcountry Users: This park map is to be used for general information only. It is not a topographical or navigational map. Because of the changing nature of the backcountry this map should be referred to only in conjunction with topographical and/or navigational maps, up-to-date aerial photographs, field markers and other available data. Please consult with local Natural Resource Officers for exact up-to-date information.

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