Wildflowers in the Provincial Park

Every spring and summer in Manitoba, hundreds of native plants, shrubs and grasses unfold and bloom. The following are only a few places to observe wildflowers:

Birds Hill Provincial Park

At Bird's Hill, in late May, look for prairie smoke, early prairie buttercups, prairie crocus and early violets. Other notable plants include small yellow lady's-slipper, white prairie clover, purple prairie clover, downy arrowwood and highbush cranberry.

Whiteshell Provincial Park

The Lily Pond up PTH 44 features yellow water lilies. Watch for bunchberry and wild lily of the valley along other trails in the Whiteshell. Along the McGillivray Falls Trail near Caddy Lake you'll see small white water lilies, stemless lady's-slippers and a white relative of marsh marigolds.

Beaudry Provincial Park

This park is dedicated to restoring the remnant tall grass prairie and is home to some of the largest elm, cottonwood and maple trees in the area. Look for native herbs such as wild mint and various wildflowers.

Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Bright orange prairie lilies, or western wood lilies, are easy to spot in late June or early July in the park. White and lilac beardtongue bloom in June.

Manitoba Tall Grass Prairie Preserve

The preserve is an excellent place to learn about native plants, flowers and grasses, including big bluestem, or tallgrass prairie. An abundance of orchids come out every mid-summer.