Wildlife Viewing

Manitoba’s diverse habitats provide excellent opportunities to view wildlife. A great variety of animals, from birds to bears, can be seen in our provincial parks.

Birds Hill is home to one of Manitoba’s highest concentrations of white-tailed deer. More than 200 species of prairie, parkland and boreal forest birds have been seen here.

Grand Beach attracts many types of birds including ospreys, eagles, ducks, western grebes, and the endangered piping plover.

Black bears, turtles and beavers are wildlife species to look for in the Whiteshell. You may also see ospreys, hummingbirds, owls, bald eagles, hawks and a variety of song birds along forest trails. Migratory waterfowl include common mergansers, common goldeneye, bufflehead and lesser scaup.

In Spruce Woods elk and whitetailed deer are common and moose have been sighted on occasion. Two of the most intriguing residents of the park are the plains hognose snake and Manitoba’s only lizard, the northern prairie skink.

GooseTurtle Mountain is an excellent place to view moose, white-tailed deer and occasionally mule deer. Western painted turtles are abundant. Birds such as great blue herons, black-crowned night-herons and double-crested cormorants and great egrets may be seen here.

Grass River is well known for its fish, including pike, walleye and whitefish, while lake trout are found in Reed and Second Cranberry lakes. Look for black bears and river otters near the Karst Spring south of Iskwasum Lake.